Shingle Roof Repairs

After a certain age, all shingle roofs will begin to deteriorate, needing shingle repair in Abilene, TX. Call a roofing contractor from All N One Roofing (325-660-4720) to draw up an estimate for your home roofing plan today.

The most common type of shingle in North America is the asphalt shingle, cost-effective and moderately long-lasting. However, extreme precipitation and high impact weather like hail storms or snow storms wreak havoc on the lifespan of tiles and shingles. Hail can produce dents and craters in tiles while excessive snow can cause leakages and further damage as time passes. Shingles are susceptible to the wind and with daily exposure to the element, will begin to curl, fracture and wither away.

Shingle Repair in Abilene, TX

Roofer installing new shingles

We install many types and styles of asphalt shingles

Expert roofing contractors will work with any type of roofing tiles. Wood, metal, and asphalt are the most common and can easily be replaced by picking up the phone. Contractors will make recommendations for homeowners and schedule repairs if needed. Typically, simple shingle repair is cost-friendly and allows a roof to get the attention it needs.

All N One Roofers will repair curled shingles or shingles with minor cracks and damages. These sort of repairs are determined after an inspection which allows a roofer to complete roofing repairs without missing any potentially unseen damages.

Shingle Roof Installation

Shingle Repair in Abilene, TX

Keep a beautiful home roof looking young for years with the help of All N One Roofing Contractors.

All N One roofers can repair and re-shingle a roof by request and also offer brand new installation. A brand new installation will include tearing away old roofing materials and starting from scratch. With many types available on the market, householders should take their time in deciding and discussing options with a roofing expert to determine the right materials for their home. All housing types require different roofing styles and patterns, especially as every housing structure has different weight requirements. Some roofing shingle types may impact the integrity of the home so householders should definitely keep in touch with roofing contractor during their search for new roofing.

Call All N One today to further discuss options and roofing repairs. Homeowners can contact us to schedule shingle repair in Abilene, TX via our website or call 325-660-4720.