Save Energy and Money On Your Roof

There are many energy efficient roofing styles that business and homeowners can choose from that don’t break the bank and continue to save buyers money for years and years to come. Various flat roofing styles have been created to moderate building temperature, battle weather and climate change and withstand the test of time with no excessive complications.

The most common roofing types in America are known for being relatively inexpensive to install with low level maintenance requirements. For instance, asphalt shingle type roofing is in fact the most common roofing material: It’s cheap, it’s fast to install, lightweight and lasts up to 30 years.

The great thing about these energy efficient roofing styles is that not only do they work to save you money, but using less energy in your home and in your workplace is also less expensive for the environment too.

Energy Efficient Roofing in Abilene, TX

Save your money in style by placing an energy efficient roof on your home.

All N One Roofers can install TPO roofing, a flat style of roofing, commonly used for commercial enterprises that reflects a great deal of sunlight and UV rays, decreasing the chance of heat infiltration into the facility. Thermoplastic Polyolefin is a membrane-layer type of roofing which is also recyclable and is responsible for some of the most energy efficient buildings in North America. Some commercial enterprises have been quoted to operate at a super low rate of 9kWh, staying cool during the summer and warm during cold months.


Other Energy Efficient Roofing Styles:

  • PVC
    Warm climates like those in Abilene, TX can benefit from a flat, heat resistant roof like this one. As climate changes throughout the area, buyers can purchase different thickness, style and color to suit their needs.
  • EPDM
    All N One Roofing installs EPDM roofing, a roofing type that’s becoming more and popular, especially for businesses. This roofing type, thick and flat like the two mentioned previously also puts up great resistance to temperature change and lasts for about 15 years.

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