Flat Roof Repair/Installation

Call All N One Roofers at 325-660-4720 to schedule a flat roof repair in Abilene, TX today. In warmer climates, flat roofing is particularly useful and beneficial for many commercial businesses. Quite often, flat roofing materials are manufactured and applied to be energy-efficient and safe with fire retardant materials and environmentally-friendly elements that assist energy efficiency. There are a few different types that a business can choose from ranging from the original built-up roofing to a more modern day TPO type of roofing.

All roofing types have different advantages and each one will suit a commercial building differently. Some materials and methods are heavier than others, meaning a close look at structure weight capacity will be elicited prior to roof installment for built-up roofing. Other roofing types are designed to save energy costs for buyers, allowing business locations set up in hot climates to flourish while saving money. Talk to an All N One expert about options for roof replacement, installation, and repairs today.

Flat Roof Repair

Flat Roof Repair in Abilene, TX

Flat roofing for commercial enterprises can be one of the best investments a commercial client could make.

If a commercial client experiences leaks or rising energy bills, there’s a roof repair that is desperately needed. With flat roofing, clients may experience extreme damages such as roof ponds or pooling, extensive cracking in hardened roof material or bunching or folding of roofing material. These symptoms can cause various problems and damage other parts of the structure, including insulation, foundation, siding, vents and more. Scheduling regular roof inspections will certainly prevent irreparable damage from occurring.

If a commercial building undergoes these symptoms, the building owner should immediately call All N One roofing professionals for a repair or many repairs. The roofers will arrive as soon as possible, ready to tackle an emergency. Once a repair is fixed, schedule a roof replacement for the future and get on the right track to a better sustained, durable roof.

Flat Roof Replacement

If the damage is irreparable, All N One Roofers will recommend a more suitable option for flat roofing needs. Specialists can research the history of the roof and determine which type of flat roofing materials would be better suited for the commercial client. Ask an expert with All N One Roofers by calling 325-660-4720 to talk about flat roof repair in Abilene, TX.