Built Up Roofing

Built Up Roof in Abilene, TX

Commercial buildings commonly have flat roofing and find energy savings in their roofs.

Commercial clients looking for a built up roof in Abilene, TX should call All N One roofers for advice and better choices at 325-660-4720. Built Up Roofing refers to a group of roofing styles, normally used in commercial settings for a flat roofed business building. These flat membranes are welded together to create the perfect roof that can withstand heat, cold, fast temperature change and climate resistance all the while conserving energy of the business inside.

Many buyers may hear of a built up roof referred to as a cool roof, TPO, EPDM or a single-ply membrane roof. All of these are part of the built-up roof family. All types come with a heat appliance, either a hot mop or a device that heats up adhesive material to allow the materials to bond together. This type of roofing works best in a hot dry area like in Abilene, TX.

There are usually four parts to a built up roof that allow the buyer choice in the purchasing process. Remember built up roofing can be applied to almost any flat roof surface and the materials used will simply depending building requirements and pre-existing surface materials. To learn more, chat with a consultant today.

Energy Saving & Built Up Roof Solutions

Built up Roofing in Abilene, TX

Pick an energy saving roof style with a wide range of choices.

Commercial clients have many choices and options available to them during the material selection process. With this, there are many options to choose from when finding something that helps keep energy costs down. All N One roofers will be happy to help commercial clients choose their layers of material and keep a close eye how they affect energy costs.

When choosing the right kind of environmentally friendly materials All N One professionals recommend finding materials that divert sunlight away from the building to keep the roof cool and air conditioners working minimally. Many buildings across the nation have adapted BUR styles called “Cool” roofing which is designed to combat bad effects of sunlight on the roof while saving energy and the planet at the same time. Ask a professional at All N One Roofer today by calling 325-660-4720 .