Bitumen Roof Repair

Repairing a bitumen roof in Abilene, TX calls for a qualified, well-trained roofing specialist to inspect, diagnose and carefully fix all detected problems and also those problems that tend to go undetected by commercial business owners and building managers. Decrease the number of future complications with an installed roof by calling 325-660-4720. Set up a repair, new roof installation or a re-roofing today.

Repairs for a Bitumen Roof in Abilene, TX

We install and repair bitumen roofing

Modified Bitumen creates a 2-3 ply roofing style that can be finished in a number of different ways, allowing the overall capability of a bitumen roof to be diverse. Bitumen Roofers offer customers a choice of upgraded roofing with light reflective materials for energy usage purposes or other choices that allow more room for aesthetics. With regular maintenance a roof such as could last for decades.

If a commercial modified bitumen roof has already been installed but business owners struggle with leakages and rising electricity bills, there are many to inspect and consider for repairs. Modified bitumen roofing styles are great for withstanding the test of time, can be quick to install and as a built-up roofing style can also be cost-effective at the point of installation and for monthly energy savings. However, if installed incorrectly or without care, many different problems can occur from snowballed damaged such as membrane shrinking, loosened fasteners, cracks, pooling and many other kinds of negative effects.

The first step to having a repair completed is simply scheduling an inspection. Common modified bitumen roofing causes for repair include separation around duct work and around drains, excessive debris, tree growth near the building, and seam dysfunction, including seam parting and fastener problems. A lot of these problems can be caused by previous roofer mistakes. A skilled roofer from All N One will inspect the interior of the structure for roof damage that has interfered with the integrity of the ceiling inside as well as outside. This is to make sure all the bases are covered and there are no other, extra problems or damages can have a negative impact on the structure. With a full inspection, commercial clients can be sure they have all their bases covered.

For special repairs regarding a bitumen roof in Abilene, TX, call All N One at 325-660-4720 to schedule an appointment today.