5 Tell-Tale Signs of Hail Damage to Your Residential Roof

5 Tell-Tale Signs of Hail Damage to Your Residential Roof

Signs Of Hail Damage To Your Roof That You Should Be Aware Of.

In Texas, you can be sure that during the spring and summer season, you will be getting severe weather. Mostly it’s severe thunderstorms, but there are times when hail is included. While we can always find shelter from hail by staying in our homes, our roofs can become susceptible to damages. But how do we know if we have hail damage? Below are signs of hail damage to your roof.

Damaged Gutters

Inspect your rain gutters after a storm. Are there any damages? If there are any damages to your gutters, there is a good chance your roof is damaged, as well.

Check The Siding

Other signs of hail damage could show up on the siding of your home. While this isn’t your roof, if there are damages to these areas, it’s pretty clear there is probably damage to your roof, also.

Inspect Outdoor Items

Outdoor items can include patio furniture, your A/C unit, grills, etc. because hail can leave big dents wherever they land, it’s important to check these items.

Look At Paint On Home

If you don’t have siding on your home, but it’s painted, check to see if any of the paint has been chipped off due to impact. Make sure that it’s not cracked or chipped to wear and tear and due to hail damage.

Impacted Windows

Obviously, if you have a broken window due to a storm, that’s a clear indication of hail damage or strong winds, but examine the window casings and windowsills for dents or other damages.

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