3 Tips To Maintain Your Residential Roof

roof maintenance

Take care of your roofing, today!

Every homeowner relies on quality roofing to protect their home. The best way to ensure that your quality roof stays in good shape for decades, is to maintain it regularly. Surprisingly, many homeowners aren’t even sure where to start, so today we are going to break down 3 easy ways you can keep your roof from becoming a neglected mess!


Did you know that you should have your roof inspected annually by a roofing professional? These yearly inspections are great for spotting potential damages, and small thing fixed early on, can save you hundreds of dollars down the line. Furthermore, taking a quick look at your roof from the ground whenever the seasons change is another great way to stay in control.


When you check your roof,you’ll want tot watch out for debris buildup. Leaves, sticks, pollen, dirt, and animal nests can all cause serious roof damage in a surprising amount of time. This type of debris locks in moisture, which can lead to mold and mildew growth, which eventually causes your roof to rot! This goes for your gutters as well, and clean gutters keep your roof protected.


This last part is probably the most important part. After a storm passes, make sure to look up at your roof. If you notice any missing or damaged shingles, call for repairs right away! A missing shingle is very easy and inexpensive to fix, but if you wait for it to turn into a leak, you’ll be stuck with hundreds of dollars in damages. To care for your roof, provide prompt repairs!

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